Dave and his wife Jen took their two young girls on a safari recently.

I asked Dave and Jen…

What happened on your safari that you did you NOT expect?

Here’s what Dave and Jen told me…

1. We didn’t expect to be so close to the animals without ANY barrier between us and them!

I guess we expected to be in a fully-enclosed vehicle or some kind of barrier that the animals could not get into. But we were not. And it was thrilling!

Maybe some safaris do use these protective barriers, but ours did not.

And here’s the thing…if being completely exposed to the animals would frighten you, then you might want to be sure the safari tour you’re going on is enclosed, like in a mini-van.

But we were thrilled! And our guide was the best. He knew exactly where to drive and what instructions to give us so that we were safe…and GOT the most amazing photos!

2. We didn’t expect the food to be so good!

Maybe we are “fussy” but we didn’t expect such high quality and delicious meals while we were on safari.

Yes, there are aspects of safari that are uncomfortable, like the bumpy terrain. You have to expect that. But the food and the accommodations and the service were as nice as we expect from top-notch hotels anywhere in the world. Even better in some cases!

3. We didn’t expect to lose internet communication with the outside world!

Just kidding…a little. But our WiFi phones did not work all the time. And these days, when you don’t have WiFi, it feels like you’re cut off from the rest of the world!

It was mildly irritating for about one day. But, you know, the longer it went, the more we came to like it. When you’re not constantly looking down at your phone, you experience more, you have better conversations, you create better memories.

In fact, if we go on safari again, we think we’ll just turn off our phones for the whole trip! And we recommend you do the same thing if you ever go on safari!

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Gurmukh Singh

I’ve always loved being in the bush because it’s where I feel most connected to all the wonders in the world. But I only learned to really experience nature when a close friend of mine would take me to the wild and teach me to sit patiently and just observe birds and animals for hours and hours. And once they got used to us, the most amazing display of nature would play out right in front of us.

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