A Step Off the Beaten Path Safari

The Soda Ash Lake nestles at the base of Mount Oldonyo-Lengai, one of the many hidden treasures along the Maasai Mara plains. Teeming with wildlife, your attention is on the flamingos that call this lake home.

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Step Off the Worn Path

The Soda Ash Lake nestles at the base of Mount Oldonyo-Lengai, one of the many hidden treasures along the Maasai Mara plains. Teeming with wildlife, your attention is on the flamingos that call this lake home.

In Western culture, flamingos have become little more than a punchline with plastic replicas adorning lawns from time to time, but out here, in their natural element, they are riveting. The temperature rises – sometimes to 50°C, and the pores of your skin respond.

Millions of these tall, lanky, yet graceful birds fill Soda Ash Lake and over four million chicks hatch every year.

Your gaze is drawn upward, toward the mountain of God, and you anticipate the incredible views from its summit.

Once there, the world is suddenly smaller. The view stretches for miles in every direction, nearly untainted by mankind.

A nervous energy pervades as you realize you are standing on the cusp of an active volcano, and the one that’s different from all others in the world. For this one doesn’t spew molten lava, but rather a much cooler liquid.

Coming down, the sweat continues to bead and roll from your skin and capping the trip with a cooling shower beneath the Munge River waterfall is brisk, inviting, and refreshing.

You’ve never felt so alive and you hope to hold onto this feeling long into the days, months, and years ahead.

Suggested Itinerary

For Those who dance to a different beat

DAY 1: Emerald Beauty

The largest desert lake in the world. The earliest recorded fossils of hominoids. The world’s single largest Nile crocodile population. The most saline lake in East Africa. These are just a few of the superlatives to describe your current location.

Today, view firsthand the daily rituals of age-old traditional fishing on the emerald and mystical desert Lake Turkana, after which the proud people of this area are named.

You’ll contemplate the stark beauty of this place and be in awe of one of the few lakes endowed with treasures of natural wonders, complete with the world’s single largest Nile crocodile population.

Stay overnight at Loblo Camp, a welcome oasis with spectacular views, and enjoy panoramic views of the lake, Centre Island, and the distant shoreline.

DAY 2: Craters, Crocodiles, and Camp

Today will be an exciting Turkana experience.  From Lobolo Camp you’ll cross over by boat to the unique volcanic Centre Island National Park.  Also known as Crocodile Island, you’ll view the aptly named trio of lakes – Crocodile Lake, Flamingo Lake and Tilapia Lake – exciting home to the species for which they’re named.

Here, on the rim of one of the craters, is a campsite where guests can see the stars glittering over the black lava beach at nightfall, while the volcanoes steam away in the distance.

As you trek up the highest point, stupendous and unrivalled views over Lake Turkana await.

Spend an unforgettable million star night, at Centre Island.

DAY 3: An Origins of Life Excursion

In the morning, an exhilarating boat crossing to the eastern side to Sibiloi lands you where the earliest human fossils were discovered: Homo Erectus and Homo Habilis.

After spending an exciting morning filled with new wonders and education, visit the extraordinary archeological sites of the “Elephant”, the “Tortoise”,  and the “Crocodile”, and along the way you can also visit the impressive petrified forest.

An impromptu scenic lunch will let you reflect and ponder the unbelievable journey that the human race has evolved from, not too far in context from your odyssey of the past few days.

Head back to camp in the evening and rest under the starry sky and wonder about your place in this amazing world.

DAY 4: Forest Camp

This is your own Robinson Crusoe fantasy: a magnificent forest glade, home to Forest Camp.

This salient location in the Lenkiyio Hills is more commonly known as Mathews Mountains.

If peacefulness and serenity had a physical representation, then this is it. You will feel privileged to be here, among its grace, splendor, and awe.

Tonight you will have your own party with a rail of nocturnal visitors, including the black-coated leopard, elephant, bushbuck, and buffalo. Sit and marvel at the wonders of nature so close, so real, so free.

The atmosphere is magical.

DAY 5: Spot the Monkey!

Start by taking a walk in the pristine wilderness, exploring and learning about these wild environs skillfully guided by the “masters of the forest” -the Ndorobo Samburu guides.

Feel in your veins the untethered ‘biological bonanza’, a stronghold for a wide range of species.

Try and spot the rare De Brazza Monkey in the indigenous forest, one of the few outside the Ruwenzori Mountains where you can spot them. Be aware, they’re not easy to spot and you’ll need to be on your best game if you want to see them in the wild!

A hearty, idyllic bush picnic follows in an open forest clearing or by the river, surrounded by your curious neighbors. You’ll feel on display as a few curious fellows creep in, but keep their distance. Your smile will be hard to erase afterward.

Any soul would be reinvigorated after a morning’s walk in the forest, take a moment to sit back, enjoy the smells, the colors, and the gentle breeze.

Let it all go as you aimlessly glide and float in crystal clear cool waters, flowing out of a spring in the mountains, the splendorous nature a backdrop in this magical forest paradise.

Your day in heaven. Well, almost…

DAY 6: Follow in the Footsteps

Ever imagined what it must have been like for Livingstone, Speke, or Thompson as they traversed through uncharted frontiers? Well, today you’re with Maasai Guides and Pack Donkeys. You’re about to find out!

First, you’ll head out to Loita Hills -thousands of  acres of riverine forests, valleys, and plains to be explored.

Unimaginable memories will be created for you that will be shared with friends and loved ones back home for years to come.

Dip into pools of enchanting waterfalls while gently crisscrossing trails through the glades.

Listen and understand a way of an ancient culture narrated on this journey of a million steps. Your personal tutors are your guides and they’ll be teaching you the lore of the bush.

The day ends bathed by a wonderful sunset on a nook beside a brook as you gently warm up and snuggle to a dream filled night.

DAY 7: The Great Rift Valley

As you saunter along long, ancient trails left by the Maasai over hundreds of years, you will experience African bush in a different and more fulfilling way than any other safari.

Your senses are heightened as you take in all the knowledge about the different flora and fauna along the route as well as their traditional uses.

You’ll come upon a ridge that borders a steep valley with expansive views of the plains towards the Maasai Mara and the Crater highlands in Tanzania. It’s here that you’ll realize you’re on  the edge of the great Rift Valley.

You have just crafted your own journey of discovery in Maasai Land and every sense within your being has been heightened, awakened, and thrilled.

DAY 8: Foster Parenting

On this day you’ll become (if only temporarily) a proud foster parent to one of the Sheldricks elephant orphans.

This base of operations is a stunning and secluded camp elevated halfway up on Ithumba Hill..

Next, view firsthand how baby elephant orphans, when weaned, are released into the wild at this staging post. Reintegration into the wild elephant herds is a delicate balance and an amazing sight.

View young ones romping into mud baths in the early morning and evening hours, and the feeding frenzy of hungry and cheeky youngsters.

As you enjoy breathtaking views across Tsavo’s vast landscape, often with Kilimanjaro visible in the distant southern horizon, you’ll know you made the right choice for this safari. This is truly for the intrepid, those who enjoy travelling off the beaten track.

DAY 9: Back into the Wild

Witness the challenges of these elephant orphans as they learn how to live a wild life with these new ‘strange’ herds.

Gaze in awe as orphans are lead from their stockade to an ancient mud-wallow that is littered with wild elephants, coming from far and wide.

Are though you’re in a dream, walking among the elephants, wild and orphaned, you’ll interact with them on such an up close and personal manner.

A tear jerker moment is to watch the keepers at work … the commitment they have in tending to vulnerable orphan elephants endlessly, continually, daily.

These heroes play a major role in the reintegration of these gentle giants, approaching wild herds on foot and calmly gesturing them to move away from the fresh water to make way for the little calves coming in for a drink.

You hear of the amazing tale of this young elephant calf born in the wild, its mother, an ex-orphan of the Trust, and the story goes full circle.

DAY 10: Delta Dunes

Your journey off the beaten path culminates at Delta Dunes, ‘The Wild Place by the Sea.’

A lodge matchlessly combining beach, river, and bush offers you an unforgettable experience.

This is the only wetland of its type in Eastern Africa.

You’ll marvel at this 5o km vast, uninhabited beach that is wild, exciting, and stunning to behold.

Miles of rippling, rolling sand dunes stand majestically overlooking the creek on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other; fantastic views and exciting game tracking through the sand in the early morning hours.

DAY 11: Your Way Day

Your activity day starts bright and early. Your choices include boat cruises for sun-downers and bird and game spotting, bush walks with knowledgeable guides, creek fishing, water skiing, kayaking, tubing, swimming, and surfing & sand yachting.

If you fancy getting dirty, perhaps indulge in a genuine full-body mud pack on the banks of the river.

Maybe float down the waterways with a cold beverage of choice in hand.

Are you in for a thrill instead? Skilled archers will teach or help you hone your skills on how to use a bow and propel arrows while having the fun.

There are few better ways to end a marvelous journey than to go at your own pace.

You have truly taken a road less travelled … in a very real sense, you’ve gone off the beaten path.

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