Soaring Like an Eagle Safari

An occasional burst of flame is released overhead and your hot air balloon ascends, catches the wind, and carries you out over the vast Maasai Mara plains. A herd of wildebeest graze below, counted not by the dozens but hundreds of thousands. You’re lost for words.

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A True Adventurous Safari

Most people, when they dream of taking a safari, envision a Land Rover bouncing along the terrain, but this adventurous safari will lift you up high over the brilliant landscape of the Maasai Mara plains.

The early morning sun rises, bathing the plains in a golden warmth. You step aboard the basket and are lifted weightlessly into the brilliant blue sky that wraps its embrace around this part of the world.

The silence is broken only by the cry of a few birds, the roar of a distant lion waking from its slumber, or the gasping coming for your own lips.

As you drift across the plains, wildebeest graze. Rivers cut in rolling, bending lazy turns, and you may catch the site of a few crocodiles warming themselves in the early sun’s light.

The cool morning air sends a slight shiver through you and reddens your cheeks, but you barely notice it; you’re so enthralled by the views, you wonder how you’ll describe this experience to your friends and family back home.

The pictures and videos you capture will have to suffice, but they’ll still be pale imitations to what you’re experiencing right now.

DAY 1: Arrive and Thrive

Your excitement mounts as you look out from your luxury tent nestled on an escarpment. You’re taking in the breathtaking view of the magnificent Laikipia plains.

Here there’s no pressure, no fixed schedules.

You’re in complete control of how you want to explore this wild, rugged, and vast Loisaba Conservancy.

You are ready for adventure. You’re ready to experience the natural world, up and very close.

DAY 2: Freedom to Choose

You choose to start your day with a long morning trek and reward yourself with a sumptuous breakfast by the riverbank.

Afterwards you’re ready for the unique opportunity to see animals at unusually close range from the comfort of the camp’s hidden ‘wildlife blind’.

Later in the day, you contemplate whether to mountain bike down the escarpment, or explore more of this beautiful conservancy on horseback, or camel. It’s entirely your call.

DAY 3: Sights from Above

Today, you’re eager to discover Loisaba Conservancy and parts of Kenya from the air.

Your senses are alive as you ride a helicopter over the Laikipia plains, with stunning views of the Great Rift Valley, mountains, lakes, and forests along your route.

Since it’s a clear day, your pilot suggests landing for a picnic lunch at Emerald tarn. This mountain lake is spectacular, and it’s remote here. You’re practically on the equator, 4605 meters above sea level and in awe of what the Maasai call Mt. Kenya – Ol Donyo Eibor (The White Mountain)

DAY 4: Predator and Prey

It’s time to discover something new, and the Maasai Mara, with the wide-expansive grasslands welcomes you.

Your best game viewing happens in the early morning and in the late afternoon.

Here you are placed right in the midst of witnessing the survival spectacle performed by predator and prey.

You’re in Safari heaven as your dedicated safari guide and spotter seek out the best game viewing opportunities for you in an open-top 4×4. If you’re lucky, you’ll even see a cheetah waiting to ambush an unsuspecting antelope.

DAY 5: The Ways of the Maasai

In the Mara, you can visit a Maasai village and see firsthand how the Maasai live in harmony with these amazing beasts of the wild. Take the time to discover the ways of the traditional pastoralists who thrive in these hostile and unforgiving plains.

Take an hour and sit down while you listen to tale of local legends and fables.

Before and after this excursion, you’ll experience one of the most thrilling safaris that stimulate every sense and your spirit. By the time your stomach is rumbling, you’ll be ready to take a break and picnic in the heart of the savannah, a solitary tree replenishing your soul as it offers shade from the intense sun.

DAY 6: Breakfast in the Bush

An early morning dew glistens with the rising sun. A powerful burst of energy blasts overhead and you’re lifted deftly from the ground and are soon rising over the open plains.

Your thoughts escape as you marvel at the wonders stretching out for miles all around. You spot a herd of elephants drinking and playfully milling near a river. A lion captures your attention in the distance with its familiar roar.

By the time breakfast is in order, you’re easing down to the ground and picnicking at your leisure, basking in the power of nature at its finest.

DAY 7: Beach Bum Bound

You’ve been exhilarated and fascinated by nature in the plains, and now you’re ready for some treasured coastal experiences. A short flight brings you to Mombasa’s gem of Diani Beach.

Within moments of setting foot on the lush, soft white sands your mind and body relax. Crystal clear waters tantalize as they invite a snorkeling adventure. The coral sea life is brilliant in its colors and you spend quality time simply adoring the fish and wildlife of the sea.

In the evening, enjoy an exquisite meal at one of Mombasa’s finest dining establishments, or dine along the beach and continue reveling in its majesty.

DAY 8: Sea Life Park

Over a week into your amazing safari experience, you can’t imagine it getting better, but a VIP excursion to the exclusive Wasini Island Marine Dhow is just the ticket. One of the world’s most exclusive sea life sanctuaries, you’ll dive and swim among playful dolphins, marvel at the vast and colorful sea life, and spend time admiring sea turtles that can live hundreds of years.

A plethora of protected wildlife call this sanctuary home and it’s unlike any aquarium or preserve back home.

Return to the beach for some down time in the evening before unwinding in your gorgeous bungalow, surrounded by the most incredible natural wonders you’ve ever experienced.

DAY 9: A Different View

The morning sun is lifting up, keeping pace with your flight. This trip is different; you won’t be landing as usual.

The view stretches out for miles, with the incredible blue Indian Ocean kissing the white sands along the coast and specks of pastoral fishing boats dotting the waters. In the distance, you remember the savannah plains and begin exploring the memories made there.

In the midst of one such memory, your attention is dragged away to a new experience: jumping out of this perfectly good plane and floating majestically down to the soft sands below.

DAY 10: Packing Memories

Every ounce of your being wants to stay and little really wants to return home, but it’s time. You pack your bags, grasp onto final memories and images of the water and white sands, and head to the airport.

A quick flight back to Nairobi leads you to the final leg(s) of your trip home. Your memories will already be flooding your mind and once that flight takes off, you won’t be able to wait to get home and share your experiences (along with all those pictures and videos) with family and friends.

And you’ll be counting the days until you can do this all over again!

Most Memorable Family Holiday

"Kenya was one of our most memorable family holidays, very well enjoyed by everyone including my kids and my mother.

You helped us plan with # of days to enjoy each place that we visited in Kenya, activities that we must do like the balloon safari, identifying the safari camps that will suit us most, basically everything that we would need to enjoy the holiday and make it a memorable one!! Thanks for everything."
– Sumchit Anand

Look No Further

"The best compliment that I can pay you is that we look no further than your help when we book a safari in Kenya. You seem to have covered all bases."
– Phil Beech

A Nostalgic Experience

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Wonderful Service

"Our nine day trip of Kenya was wonderful because of the quality of service provided by Gurumukh."

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Transformed the Way My Family and I Travel

"I have been using Gurmukh as my preferred travel agent for about 5 years now and I have to say, it has transformed the way my family and I travel.

Gurmukh is very professional and always available. He gives me great information and is so open and honest. We clicked instantly and I really enjoy planning my trips with him."

– Nelly Kendi

A Different Adventure Each Time

"Gurmukh at My Kenya Travel has arranged all our safaris and beach holidays to Mombasa since 2010. He knows what safari camps are best suited for the type of experiences we are looking for. As our kids grew up, he would tailor our safari so we could always have a different adventure each time. We’re looking forward to returning to Kenya soon for another Mara safari."

– Azra Pardhan

Amazed With the Quality Service

"I had my entire safari itinerary worked out as requested and was amazed with the quality service."

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Absolutely Top Notch

"I must say that I am super satisfied with the service I received from My Kenya Travel. I used them for two different adventures when I was i Nairobi for a period of two weeks. First a day in Nairobi including Nairobi national park, Elephant orphanage and Giraffe sanctuary. Then I went on a three day safari in Masai Mara staying at Ilkeliani camp. Both these adventures were absolutely top notch."

– Peter Nilsson

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