Protect the Wild Safari

An endless, seemingly untouched landscape of plains, mountains in the distance, and scattered acacia trees stretch out before you. But it’s the powerful creature grazing in front that grabs your attention. A rare, exquisite black rhino.

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Experience Nature from Within

One of the most endangered animals on the planet, she stands, muscular and intense, just meters away. The heat of the sun bakes her skin. The fresh, untouched, unstained air twirls around both of you.

You’ve never felt this alive … ever.

It’s a feeling, emotion, sensation you never want to end, even after this trip is over.

The Sera Community Conservancy controls this land, but it belongs to nature and the wild animals roaming free. You are the guest here.
You’re desperate to capture every moment you can, but whatever images you take home, nothing can ever compare to you experiencing this moment. This sight. This awe.

The Protect the Wild Safari in Kenya will take you to the heights of wonder and thrill with the presence of nature’s incredible beauty and vast expanse. From the foothills of Mt. Kenya to the world-renowned conservancies bordering the plains of Maasai Mara and Amboseli National Parks, explore a world nearly unblemished by human intrusion.

This is the closest you’ll ever be immersed into wonders of the African wilderness.

Suggested Itinerary

For Those Who Love To Give Back

DAY 1: ‘Horn’ing In

It’s finally happening, the “make a difference Safari” and a low impact, environmentally friendly adventure has begun.

Your home for these next days is the Sera Community Conservancy. Nestled in the wild  north of Kenya, your camp sits amidst swaying doum palms dotting a dry river bed with sweeping views of a nearby waterhole and dramatic landscape so typical of the north.

A seasoned guide treads lightly on a sandy track. Sparse scrub offers little cover as you anticipate spotting one of the rarest, most endangered creatures on the planet.

Tension mounts as your heart races and excitement builds. Without warning, the unmistakable distinctive horn comes into view. Within moments, you and rhino are nose to horn. It glances at you, ears twitching and a snort of concern, but little alarm.

You feel completely satisfied with this conservation at work. Yes, there is hope and a future for Africa’s remaining Rhino.

DAY 2: A Simplified Life

Today, you have the opportunity for an authentic cultural rendezvous with the Samburu People. You’ll bear witness to a daily ritual from the ancient past Samburu pastoralists bringing their livestock to drink, digging up water from the wells to fill up holders and troughs, singing as they go.

These are the rituals of the Singing Wells, a primeval daily calling. Later, feel the full power of true empathy as you experience the innocence of frolicking young Elephant orphans at Reteti, the first community owned and managed Elephant Sanctuary in Africa.

Relish the many playful eyes as you observe “angel rangers” nurse and nurture these orphaned and abandoned elephant calves (and others – including until recently Sera’s abandoned rhino calf – Loijupu!).

DAY 3: Ascent to Inspire

The intrepid soul in you awakens as you gaze out in the distance, and in reverence, “The Samburu Sacred Mountain Ololokwe”. Setting off at dawn, you drive to the foot of Great Mountain Ololokwe and marvel at the intense views.

Your Samburu guides remain at your side as they teach you about the mountain and all its wonders.

Halfway to the top you break for a hearty breakfast and take in the fresh air and sounds of the wildest and untouched Africa. Fully replenished, you reach the top and admire the magnificent view of Samburuland.

You begin your descent with the prospect of quiet contemplation in the shade of the ancient Moran’s cave, with an alfresco picnic.

Ololokwe is a pillar of cultural significance to the Samburu and, you have just partaken in a soul enriching quest.

This evening, find rest in a gorgeous canopy lodge open and exposed to nature in all its glory.

DAY 4: On Hallowed Ground

Today you’ll step onto hallowed land: the Lewa Conservancy. This is where it all began in Kenya. Wildlife conservancies, conservation, sustainable tourism and community engagement took hold here some 40 years ago.

Witness firsthand commitment, generosity, vision and compassion of human beings and the results of how authentic wildlife conservation structure functions from the protection of endangered species and habitat to commercial yet sustainable tourism.

Visit and learn about the History and Day-to-Day Operations of the Conservancy.

Whether it’s a visit to the pre-historic archeological site, a local school, water project or feeding a baby rhino, there are plenty of activities that will pique your interest for a behind the scenes look at the conservancy operations.

DAY 5: Out of Africa

You are now exceedingly privileged. Lewa Conservancy has one of the highest wildlife densities in Kenya, including 12% of the country’s black and white rhinos and the world’s single largest population of Grevy’s zebra,  and, if you’re super lucky, you’ll spot a pack of wild dogs!

Why not experience your own “Out of Africa” era in the only open cockpit biplane that will take you around the conservation areas of northern Kenya. It is a truly magical experience that takes you back in time – to the days of open, free range wildlife, untouched by human intervention.

You’ll even have an opportunity to see how the conservation project is improving and positively affecting local communities.

DAY 6: A Pride of Lions

Today is your lion day. Immerse yourself in the very heart of lion country and track a pride on Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

Pen your own Big Cat Diary while a Lion roars and grunts just meters away from you. Experience the awe and fascination while feeling the powerful roar of this Big Cat’s mighty lungs.

Learn how to identify individual lions by recording whisker patterns, scars, ear tears and other characteristics. Discover the thrill, exhilaration, and fear of tracking and spotting one of the fiercest predators in the world as your experienced guide keeps you safe.

The thrill you get will linger like that indelible roar. Remember, a lion’s roar can resonate for more than 4 km! Amazing!

DAY 7: The Slopes of Mount Kenya

Your reforestation quest begins at 2,134 metres above sea level in the dense rainforest, draping the slopes of Mount Kenya. This is Kenya’s highest mountain and an iconic image of this part of the world.

This extinct volcano offers a unique landscape of protected ancient forests (fast disappearing in other regions) and is also a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site with diverse plant and animal life.

This timbered tree hotel is set amid the primeval forests on the lower slopes of Mount Kenya and offers a tranquil retreat with sweeping views across the tree-canopy.

Help plant a tree seedling from the lodge’s nursery and take part in conserving the environment and restoring tree cover. Sponsor a tree and keep our tree nursery growing so that we may able to assist other areas where the forest cover has depleted.

DAY 8: Pay It Forward

Spend time in a bush camp that offers very low impact on the natural surroundings. This camp actually practices eco-friendly strategies that will benefit the local communities in Africa that are striving to protect its wildlife and natural wonders.

Take time to see firsthand how local community participation benefits all the stakeholders equitably. There are incredible benefits and value from sustainable tourism and you’ll witness that while realizing the importance of supporting these amazing organizations.

Your ecological footprint will be at a bare minimum and the money raised through these tours and safaris help to keep wildlife projects and game reserves from going on their own endangered list.

DAY 9: Cheetah’d By and By

Today, you can do your part to stem the loss of the dwindling cheetah population in the

Serengeti-Mara ecosystem. Their numbers currently stands at less than 10,000 roaming free in the wild.

The world’s fastest mammal, the Cheetah is vulnerable to extinction and you are advantaged to be in one of the last bastions of this graceful predator.

As you traverse across the large plains of the Mara, turn your focus and snap pictures as the cheetah faces you, catch the glint in its eyes as she scans the endless horizons for unwary pray.

Every cheetah image taken in Masai-Mara National Reserve and surrounding Conservancies, which are Geo dereferenced via GPS, will help researchers track cheetah movements within the Ecosystem.  You see, you’ll be doing more than simply capturing incredible memories to share with family and friends back home!

As a bonus, get up and close and personal while spending hours with cheetah families and watch their every move as they wile their days hunting in the great undulating Mara plains.

DAY 10–12: Coastline Cares

For these final days, rest and relax along the coastline of Kenya, with the Indian Ocean lapping at your toes. Spend time at the Watamu Trust rehabilitation centre and view turtles being treated for injury or illness and learn about these magnificent creatures. It’s a worthwhile visit.

Nothing beats the sight of a turtle painstakingly making its way to the open sea in a labor of spawning.

Feel the sense of wellbeing by participating in mangrove seedling collection and replanting, GPS mapping, beach surveys, beach cleanups, movement pattern research of turtles in Mida Creek, and surveys.

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